How It Works


Together, we decide the areas of your business you want customers to see in your tour, including gardens and other outside areas.

Shortwork use Nikon DSLR’s mounted on a Manfrotto tripod, taking 12 shots for each panorama. These are stitched together individually in post-production and the tripod, shadows and any other distractions removed.

We moderate your tour to ensure it flows smoothly between panoramas, geo-locate it in Google Maps, and published across Google – we will let you know when it goes live.

Then we build a demo overlay with improved navigation, pop-ups with links, video and photos, that matches your brand guidelines – perfect for embedding on your website and using on social media. They’re search-able by Google, so positive for SEO too.



  • enhanced Google coverage – appear on Google Search, Maps, Street View and Google Mobile Apps
  • your Virtual Tour is easy to embed into your own website, especially with an overlay
  • backed by one of the worlds most trusted brands – Google
  • available 24/7 … 365 days per year!
  • displayed to customers locally and worldwide
  • your Tour is hosted for free on Google
  • I encourage you to use my photographs on your website/social media
  • re-shoots can be ordered to update your listing when needed
  • Shortwork 360º tours start from £250 for a small shop/business.

Cost is based on the number of panoramas required to cover your business. The larger the business, the more panoramas and time taken to create them and moderate/integrate them.

The overlays are sold on an annual licence which includes any amendments through the year, so you can add new photos, change text or promote events without any downtime. You don’t have to use one, but we recommend it!

Call us now to talk over your requirements, and we’ll help if we can… 01249 721567